John-Marc Hamilton

Freelance Sound Recordist & Cinematographer
Toronto, Ontario

John-Marc Hamilton
resume: John-Marc Hamilton's Resume.pdf
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Location Sound Gear:
SoundDevices MixPre-6 II multi-track recorder/mixer
3x Sony UWP wireless microphones
2x Deity BP-TRX wireless microphones
2x Audio-Technica AT8015 shotgun microphones
2x Boom poles (long and short)
1x Godox WMicS1 Pro wireless (used as camera-hop)

Recording studio with professional gear for voice-over/adr work
Multi-track digital/analog recording suite

$50/hr or $400/day
Location Video Gear:
Sony a7iii (4K full-frame/super-35 sensor)
Lenses: 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 24mm, etc., (vintage, odd, and new)
SteadiCam rig with floating boom and Ronin-S gimbal
Atomos Ninja 7" 4K recorder/ Godox GM55 5.5" monitor
Various lights (custom & store-bought), stands, flags, cables, etc.

Access to BlackMagic Cinema 4K/6K and more
DaVinci Resolve editing station

$75/hr or $600/day

Recent Projects:

Navi Boys: Sound Recordist

Dissociation: Sound Recordist, Camera Operator